The Need Of Millets In Your Kids Diet

Millets are ancient superfood and are cultivated without pesticides and insecticide making them chemical free.
Millets are whole grain high in fiber that are packed with protein, antioxidants and nutrients.
They are also good source of calcium, iron, multiple vitamins, potassium and phosphorus. These things make millets excellent to be included in our diet especially children’s.
Kids need to be fed nutritious food from starting to lay foundation of healthy eating habits. When we talk about kids we not only mean toddler or school going kids but also infants. Millets are very beneficial for infants as they are rich in iron, minerals, calcium etc. After an infants turns 6 months old and enter into stage where they can eat solids, the parents become worried about feeding them right, healthy and nutritious so, choosing millet is a correct decision.
Including millets in your kids diet ensures good immunity, better metabolism and proper growth.
Its a bitter truth that kids are fussy eater making difficult to feed them healthy but one of the best benefit of millets is that they can be prepared in number of ways like dosa, idli, dhokla, khichdi, cheela, upma, pancakes, porridge, dalia, kheer, ladoo and many more.

Amazing health benefits of millets for kids:-

Gluten free – Kids who are allergic to gluten can consume millets and enjoy its benefits without fear of allergic reactions.

Easy to digest – Children digestive system is weaker than adults. So, millets being smooth in digestion are good for kids health.

Good for deficiencies – Kids being fussy eaters make them more prone to be nutrient deficit. Millet being rich in iron help in conditions like anemia.
Kids also have low bone strength due to deficiencies of calcium. So, millets also helps in these conditions being high in calcium.

Keeps kids safe from diseases – Millets are rich in antioxidants and also possess anti-bacterial and anti-diabetic properties. keeping kids safe from various infections and diseases like diabetes, heart diseases obesity etc.

High in protein – Being high in protein millets are good for providing energy, help fight disease and repair body cells. Millets like amaranth are high source of protein and provide 9.3g protein from 1 cup.

High in fiber – As millet have high fiber content both soluble and insoluble they are helpful in conditions like constipation. Being high in fiber it also makes the kid feel full for longer period of time.

A study has shown that kids who eat millet-based diet showed an increase of 28.2% in height, 26% in weight than other kids who eat rice-based diet.

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