Millets For Diabetes

Diabetes is a health conditions that occurs when the body do not produce enough insulin or when the body is not able to use the insulin efficiently. Due to which the body can’t process food for energy and leads to high blood glucose or sugar level which might raise risk of other health complications.
It can be treated with helps of medical treatment but healthy lifestyle and healthy diet are important factors that help control diabetes. Including major amounts of millets in your diet really helps reversing these conditions.
Millets are rich source of fiber and have high nutritional content. They are gluten free and rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are very beneficial for treating many diseases like heart diseases, hypertension, pcod/pcos, obesity and diabetes etc.

Why millets are considered good for diabetes?

🔹️Millets have a low glycemic index 52.7 which is lower then that of rice ( GI 71.7) and wheat (GI 74.2). Higher the glycemic index, higher and faster will be the spike in blood sugar level after a meal. Millets being relatively low in glycemic index makes them ideal food for diabetics patients as compared to wheat and rice.
🔹️There are many evidence based studies that have shown benefit of millets in diabetes. In one study, patients suffering from diabetes(type II) was given a diet comprising of foxtail millet . A decrease in blood sugar, insulin, cholesterol and triglycerides was observed.
🔹️In an another study the diabetics patients were switched from rice to foxtail millet during breakfast which caused low blood sugar after meal.

Some millets good for controlling diabetes-

1. Finger Millet- They are rich in fiber and causes slow raise of blood sugar rather then sudden rise. They help to maintain low cholesterol level and also aids in weight loss. They also constitute of polyphenol which is seen to have anti-diabetics and antioxidants components.

2. Foxtail Millet- There have been many studies performed that explained the benefits of foxtail millet in diabetes. In one study type II diabetes patients were given foxtail millet in breakfast and low level of blood glucose, cholesterol was seen. In an another study rice was replace with foxtail millet resulting in low blood sugar after meal.

3. Pearl Millet- They lower the level of triglycerides and increase the insulin sensitivity. Being high in fiber they gets slowly digested and releases glucose at slow manner that helps in maintaining blood sugar level for longer period of time.

4. Barnyard Millet- Also known as sanwa rice contains good amount of protein, calcium, iron, mineral. It is gluten free and low in carbohydrates making it excellent for gluten allergies and type II diabetes.

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