Benefits Of Growing Millets

Many farmers in South India especially Karnataka has switched from growing rice, sugarcane and maize to drought resistant millets.
There is need to educate more farmers about this as cultivation of millets provides immense benefits.

Some commonly grown millet are foxtail millet, barnyard millet, sorghum millet, little millet, pearl millet, proso millet, finger tail millet etc.

Advantages of millet in terms of cultivation:

✔ Growing rice and wheat require many inputs in terms of fertilizers and water, but millets grows well in dried region as rain fed crops under marginal condition of fertility and moisture.

✔According to ICRISAT ( International crop research institute for semi arid tropics) one rice plant requires 2.5 times more water then millet.

✔ Millets are the crop that can grow in areas with less than 350 mm of rainfall and can be cultivated within the lifespan of 70 to 100 days. So many farmers are being a part of millet revolution and growing small minutes family like foxtail, brown top, little, kodo, barnyard and finger millet.

✔Different types of millets provides different advantages like Barnyard millet is known to be the fastest growing and can be grown in 6 weeks and offer 10 times more fiber then wheat. On the other hand kodo millet is drought resistant and can be grown in infertile soil.

✔According to UASD( University of agriculture sciences) the millets that are being grown in Karnataka requires very few inputs -INR 5000 per acre.

✔Evidence has proven that millet are less subjective to pests and diseases.

✔Millets are also know considered as smart crops as it is low maintenance, diseases and pest resistant, nutritional benefits, market demand and ecological benefits.

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