Barnyard Millet


Scientific name (Echinochloa esculent)

It has been variously referred to as millet and yard millet. barnyard grass is distributed throughout tons of of North America as a weed in damp cultivated areas. the other Indian names for yard millet ar Vari, Varai, Sanwa, Samwa and Swang. yard millet might be a species of grass at intervals the family family it’s said by the common names Japanese yard millet or Echinochloa frumentacea, might be a species of liliopsid genus that is cultivated on atiny low scale in country, Japan, China and ground, every as a food and for animal fodder.


Spacing Between Plants in yard Millet Farming. Minimum twenty 5 cms distance between rows and 10 cm distance between plants at intervals a row. Seed rate: eight to 10 kilo per unit for line sowing and twelve to fifteen kilo per unit for broadcasting.

 In India, the cultivation of yard millet is in the main confined to state, Andhra Pradesh, Mysore and Uttarakhand.

Suitable environment:

Soil : Millet has wide ability to utterly totally different soil from very poor to very fertile and will tolerate a precise degree of pH. the foremost effective soils ar sediment, loamy and sandy soil with good evacuation.

Nutritive value:

10.5% protein

3.6% fat,

68.8% sugar

398 kcal/100 g energy.

The total dietary fibre content was high (12.6%) moreover as soluble (4.2%) and insoluble (8.4%) fractions.

Low glycemic index of the grains every dehulled (50.0) and dehulled and heat treated (41.7) was recorded.

Barnyard Millet (0.5 cup) contains 73g total carbs, 64g net carbs, 4g fat, 11g supermolecule.

Barnyard millet grain might be a wise offer of supermolecule, sugar, … minerals, ash, fat, and amino acid content in yard millet.

Health benefits of yard millet :

1. Low in Calories

Barnyard millet might be a wise offer of extraordinarily edible supermolecule and at the same time is least caloric dense compared to all or any or any totally different cereals. it is a grain that creates one feel light-weight and energetic once consumption. A serving of yard millets (25g, raw) provides seventy 5 calories and one.5g of supermolecule.

2. Rich in Fiber.

It is an outstanding offer of dietary fiber with associate honest amount of every soluble and insoluble fractions. The grain encompasses the best amount of fiber as compared to totally different grains and millets with a serve providing 2.4 grams of fiber. per a study discovered at intervals the Journal of Food Science and Technology, the dietary fiber content of yard millet was high (12.6%) moreover as soluble (4.2%) and insoluble (8.4%) fractions. The high fiber content helps in preventing constipation, excess gas, bloating and cramping.The high fiber content helps in preventing constipation, excess gas, bloating and cramping. The sugar content of yard millet is low and slowly edible, making the yard millet associate occasional glycemic index food.

3. Low Glycemic Index.

The sugar content of yard millet is low and slowly edible, making the yard millet associate occasional glycemic index food.

The carbohydrates in millet show a high degree of retrogradation of protein, that facilitate the formation of higher amounts of resistant starch. Hence, it’s probably recommended for patients with upset and DM. In today’s state of affairs, this millet becomes one in every of the most effective foods for diabetics.The yard millet improved sugar tolerance among the participants (both diabetic and non-diabetic) by significantly reducing quick plasma hexose levels.

4. Gluten-Free Food

the yard millet is gluten-free. it’s degree applicable food for patients World Health Organization ar intolerant to supermolecule (those with celiac disease) or eager to follow a supermolecule free means that eliminates wheat, barley, rye-based foods. The millet being merely out there, quick to cook and good to vogue proves to be an ideal wholesome varied to rice, wheat and totally different less merely out there millets.

5. Good Source of Iron.

 per analysis on nutrient content on millets, some forms of yard millet have shown to contain high amounts of iron (18.6 mg in 100g of raw millet) that was the richest amongst all millets and cereal grains. yard millet may well be associate honest offer of iron for vegetarians.

Functional Foods with yard Millet

Noodles ar one in every of the foremost most well liked food things among all age groups, having a extended amount of your time and important business importance. yard millet has relatively low sugar content (58.56%) having slow property. This health advantage of millet was exploited in an exceedingly} very analysis by Surekha et al, by preparing adscititious low glycemic index noodles from yard millet flour by incorporating starch flour, pulse flour at utterly totally different levels to develop plain, pulse and vegetable noodles severally. The findings indicated a giant increase in nutrient composition in pulse and vegetable noodles compared to plain noodles. The glycemic index, of pulse noodles (35.65) and vegetable noodles (38.02) was means however plain noodles (42.07).

Recipes with yard Millet:

1.Barnyard Payasam

• yard millet – 100 fifty g

• Sugar – 250 g

• Milk – 250 cc

• Saffron – 4-5 threads

• Dry fruits (cashew, almond and pista) – fifty g

• butter – thirty cc •

Preparation Method:

• Cook on yard millet, saffron and milk on slow heat until the millet gets mashed.

• Add sugar and stir gently to cook payasam.

• Heat butter in an exceedingly} very pan add all dry fruits and roast until golden color and increase the cooked payasam.

• it’s served hot or cold.

  2. Faraali Dosa


• 1/2 cup yard millet

• 1/2 cup amaranth seed flour

• 1/2 cup bitter milk

• one tbsp ginger-green chili paste

• common salt to style

• oil for cookery

For Serving:

Peanut curd Indian relish Preparation Method:

• Clean, wash and soak the yard millet in enough water in an exceedingly deep bowl for a minimum of two hours.

• Drain and mix in an exceedingly mixer to a sleek mixture victimisation two tbsp of water.

• Transfer the mixture into a deep bowl, add the amaranth seed flour, buttermilk, ginger-green chili paste and common salt and blend well. cowl with a lid and keep aside to ferment long.

• Heat a non-stick tava (griddle), pour a ladleful of the batter on the tava (griddle) and unfold it in an exceedingly circular motion to form a a hundred twenty five millimeter. (5″) diameter skinny dosa.

• Smear a bit oil on the perimeters, cook until each the perimeters of the dosa turns golden brown in color and fold over to form a semi-circle.

• Repeat steps four and five to form seven additional dosas.

• Serve right away with peanut curd Indian relish.

Barnyard millet higher than rice …

The macromolecule, fat and fibre content of the developed merchandise from meadowgrass and yard millet were on top of the rice merchandise. therefore from the current study it absolutely was ended that the foxtail and yard millet square measure superior in nourishing worth to rice and have potential to be used in ancient food merchandise.A healthy fashion is feasible if you’ll select unpolished millets. this can be as a result of the unprocessed ones square measure filled with the goodness of minerals and vitamins.


• we have a tendency to cannot fully switch to millets. fully change your diet to millets isn’t

a good plan. …

• 1.Oxalates in millets. Millets significantly.

2. cereal grass square measure high in oxalates.

• 3. Enzymes and Phytic Acid.

• 4. Blockages.

• 5. Goitrogens in millet.

• 6. Deficiency of iodine.

Article by Rashmi manglani.


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